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What if giving was receiving ?

Sponsor a Charity IPO of your choice

By sponsoring a Charity IPO you double fulfill yourself perpetually. Your chosen beneficiary Charity receives continuous funding while you receive a recurring ROC (Return On Charity)

An IPO on the NYSE

We put the Bull of Wall Street to good work!

Thanks to your initial funding we levy the power of Wall Street and raise much more funding through an IPO. We then invest in real estate or other stable and profit making ventures.

Self sustained funding

Revenues for those who give & those who receive

Thanks to our unique investment management processes we are able to sustain the Charity of your choice with a stable and long term funding, while kicking back to you part of the returns: Opening great windows of opportunities for everyone.

Meet Our partner charities

Together We can maxi fund them

Our partner charities are already doing a great job and we want them to do even better and extend their goodness to more beneficiairies

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